Discover Our Story

With a passion for cooking, all things plants as well as mental, emotional & physical wellbeing, Kheng & Lilly, a young couple from Malaysia & England respectively, are dedicating their lives to holistic awesomeness & invite you to be part of it!

They are the owners of Seeds & Sunshine, a plant-based cafe & community space which provides a sanctuary for people to escape from the hustle & bustle of the city & relax in an urban garden. You can also enjoy our community space, an inclusive & safe place to explore one of the many classes, events & workshops.

Our Mission

We sell more than just food… we host & run classes, events & workshops dedicated to holistic wellbeing, we support local plant-based businesses & collaborate with environmentally sustainable businesses. Through our ideas, words & actions, we aim to plant a seed of curiosity with everyone & grow a conscious community of like-minded people.

How did it all begin?

To cut a long story short, we love cooking, plants & keeping fit!

We both made a conscious decision to change to not only a vegan diet but also a vegan lifestyle. Kheng made the change in 2017 after learning more about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. Lilly made the change in 2014, after completing her yoga teacher training with The Yoga Institute in Chiang Mai.

We both lead very active lifestyles; Kheng introduced Lilly to Crossfit & rock climbing while Lilly introduced Kheng to yoga & meditation & following a plant based lifestyle has been incredibly complementary to our active lifestyles!

Seeds & Sunshine provides a sanctuary for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and relax in an urban garden.”

Choosing to follow a plant based diet & a vegan lifestyle has naturally led to us to learn more about how to develop & maintain our overall health. This has led to us living better lives; mentally, emotionally and physically. The more we learn, the more this knowledge inspires us to continue to share this lifestyle with others as we all support each other to make small, attainable, sustainable changes wherever possible.

We are always looking for places & people to guide us & inspire us & now we are in a position where we too can share tips and strategies with our community.

What’s next?

We are always looking to optimise the space & to bring as many people into our community as possible to spread their knowledge, passions & ideas that align with our values. Anyone interested in using the space to host events, talks, workshops, lessons, book clubs, advocacy, fundraising etc etc. are always welcome.

Lilly also runs another business with her partner Jen, Mindful Sparks – a mindfulness company and consultancy. Mindful Sparks will use the space as a platform to implement community based projects such as family workshops, teacher training, recycling campaigns, mindfulness seminars, trauma sensitive yoga, anti-bullying awareness etc.

Where did you learn to cook?

The more we learn, the more this knowledge inspires us to continue to lead this lifestyle and make small attainable and sustainable changes wherever possible.”

Kheng comes from Malaysia & has a multi-ethnic background. His passion for cooking started through learning from his mother & while living on his own in Australia & Thailand. Lilly comes from England. Her interest in cooking came from her dad as he always made cooking fun & something she wanted to be a part of. Having lived and travelled in Asia since 2007 Lilly has also tried a whole heap of yummy food! Between us, we have experienced a very broad range of culinary delights. Our focus is firstly on nutrition, secondly on flavour, then texture.

We are constantly learning. As science breaks more barriers & more information is readily shared with the general public, plant based cuisine will continue to evolve & grow. A lot of our menu came about through trial and error for years, we see something we like, re-create it then pull it apart to see if we can make it healthier or more nutritionally balanced.

Where do you get your protein from?

People will tell us how much they enjoy our food but they could not ever give up meat because “How else would we get our protein??”. This unconscious bias is the biggest challenge for us.

We’re sure many vegans experience the same thing & for all those who say they could not stop eating meat our response is, we’re still alive and thriving! We both workout at least 5 days a week combining Crossfit & yoga and we are doing fine…

PSA: Plants have proteins! So do lentils, grains, tofu, nuts, vegetables….

Is Plant Based food a fad?

We focus on what we can do with what is available for us locally and how to do it well.

There are definitely fads every year with “super foods”, acacia, avocados, spirulina to name but a few. We try not to follow these fads as ALL plant based foods when combined into a balanced diet are ALL good for us. Also, a lot of these “super foods” have heavy ethical considerations such as exploitation to take into account so if we do use these foods, we buy locally & seasonally.

Education is key, allowing effective communication to take place in a safe space from producer to supplier to seller, supports the plant based industry as well as individual businesses. It also creates dialogue for consumers & customers to make informed decisions about what they are eating.