Discover Our Plants


Indoor & outdoor

Our plants are mainly indoor plants that can be gown outdoors provided they are shaded. We also offer a few varieties that will thrive outdoors!


Air purifying & cleaning

Studies have shown that plants can clean and purify the air! They remove toxic chemicals and free radicals, some more than others. Best of all, they produce oxygen for us to breathe.



plants come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, with leaves and flowers in more shapes and colours that you can imagine, some producing scents that can make you swoon with delight or make your mouth water. An empty home can be made into a beautiful home with a few strategically placed and sized plant varieties.


Calming & routine building

Start your mindfulness routine by caring for your plants! Wake at sunrise to water your plants and enjoy the beautiful view. Notice the difference in the colour of the leaves and soil, before and after watering, the difference in smells, the different textures of leaves and all that life below the canopy; how does this make you feel, mentally and physically?


One for everyone

There are plant varieties for everyone, from novices to aficionados. Impossible to control the climate? Get a terrarium! Need help? Message us on FB messenger!